Performance Statistics

At Sherlock and Associates Realty we are big numbers geeks, tracking everything in our business. One number we watch closely for our clients is the Average Days on Market
When compared to the average time it takes to sell a home in Kelowna (120 days) Sherlock + Associates Listings sell in almost half the time ( 68 days )

Listings taken vs Listings sold
It's important to understand that even during the hottest markets, Many listings will still go un sold, the number is even higher for Owners selling their homes on their own.  It is a wise decision to know the track record of the brokerage and particularly the agent you are interviewing before you hire them.

List price vs Sale price (The art of negotiating)
Strong negotiating is of paramount importance when choosing a realtor as this directly affects your bottom line CMHC reports that in 2014 the average home sold for 96.2% of the asking price. A strong emphasis on the development of negotiation skills and a commitment to proper pricing has enabled Sherlock + Associates listings to sell for 97.9%.  This translates to an average of $8,000 more in each clients pocket.

Purchase price vs List price (negotiating for buyers)
The very same negotiating skills go to work for you when buying a home, Sherlock + Associates buyers have benefited from being able to buy homes at an average of 92% of list price. This is over 4% better than the industry average. We are proud to show how this translates to an approximate $18,000 in additional savings.